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Concert Band Music Grade

What are you looking for?

Beginning band music. Music that gives your beginning groups the building blocks they need to become great bands. You will enjoy the great selection of quality beginning band music found in this section

This is just a tad more difficult than beginning band music.  It expands the ranges from 5 to 8 notes on most instruments. It also addresses articulation and a greater use of dynamics.

Grade 1 music is for middle school and emerging high school bands. This music typicaly has 0-3 flats or sharps in the key signature and utilized dotted quarter and eight rhythms. Check out or wonderful selection of quality grade 1 music.

Grade 2 music is for advanced middle school and high school bands. In this grade you will see additional simple syncopation & well- prepared dotted rhythms. Grade 2 also has a greater use of non-unison rhythms. You won't be dissapointed with our outstanding selection of music at this level.