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Choral music SATB 

SATB music for churches, middle and high schools, as well as university.

Composer, Francisco Calvo

“Just As I Am” (S.A.T.B.) 

An inspiring new version of an old familiar text. A must have for your choir. A great arrangement for limited rehearsal time. Impressive arrangement.

Composer: Francisco Calvo

“In Paradisum” (S.A.T.B.) 

A beautiful a cappella choir piece. You'll be amazed at the wonderful sounds coming from your group.

Composer:  Francisco Calvo

“O Come All Ye Faithful” (S.A.T.B.) 

A wonderful arrangement you will use for years to come!

Composer: Francisco Calvo 

“Love God, Love One Another” (S.A.T.B.) 

A quintessential piece for a reflective worship experience.

Composer: Francisco Calvo

Composer: Samuel D. Golden

“La'Anima Amante” The Loving Soul (S.A.T.B.)

A lush harmonization and a moving melody

Composer: Samuel D. Golden

Composer: Spencer Nance

"Angles Medley"

Written for SATB and wind instruments. A great selection for the holidays.


"Christmas Splendor!"

Written for concert band grade 2 and choir (SATB). This delightful arrangement features Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls.


Arranger: Spencer Nance