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Books published by Warming Sun Music Publishing for the classroom and the music educator.


Douglas Boughter, M.Ed

Fantastic Lessons For Classroom Music: Forward by Nina Blackwood

"Fantastic Lessons For Classroom Music" is a teacher instructional workbook designed specifically for the classroom teacher with limited, or no prior musical training. This book will prove to be a valuable addition to the classroom teacher’s arsenal of materials. The lessons in this book are designed to be fun, educational, and simple to execute. Every chapter is in lesson plan format and is organized by grade level addressing the National Standards for Music Education.

Kindle Edition by Mr. Douglas E. Boughter M.Ed (Author)


Douglas Boughter, M.Ed

The Director's Guide To Thriving Beginning Bands 

“Director's Guide To Thriving Beginning Bands” is a practical guide to all aspects of the beginning band program, including, structuring your band program, building programs in economically disadvantaged areas, selling your program, your first band meeting, returning second year players, student practice, the first day with instruments, choosing a beginning band method book, balancing your rehearsal, keeping students interested all year, common instrument repairs and loads more! “Director's Guide To Thriving Beginning Bands” is a resource to turn to time and again for ideas and inspiration. This is a comprehensive book that is an essential companion throughout the career of any school band director.

Paperback – February 13, 2016 by Mr. Douglas E. Boughter M.Ed (Author)


Poor Schools, Great Music: Building Great Music Programs in Schools with Student Poverty 

"Children who live in poverty face challenges and circumstances that impede their understanding and learning. They need music. They need to be a part of something great. Admittedly, poverty may hinder the educational process; however, it neither sentences children to lives of failure nor cancels out opportunities to succeed. I hope this book will open your eyes to the importance of music in schools with children from low-income homes and elevate respect and the skills of teachers at high-poverty schools. Moreover, my objective is to supply additional tools, which will contribute to the stability and quality of teachers who serve our most fragile students."

Paperback and Kindle editions- 2019 by Douglas Boughter M.Ed (Author)

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